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If online shops or for the B2B area, the market and the demand on printed textiles grows and thus grows your production, especially at the summer- and Christmas period. Why not respond flexibly to growth and demand? Brother offers compact solutions from small to large production. 

The Brother GTX is the perfect solution to respond quickly and flexibly to your growth. Small and compact in its construction, on rollable base and yet with a possible print size of up to 53cm in length for light and dark textiles as well as shoes or other special garments.

With many useful accessories such as the projector system, operators can minimize misprints and increase output. For larger productions, the next step is the automated pretreatment of textiles. With the PretreatmakerLINE it is possible to prepare up to 250  garments per hour for printing with the Brother GTX.

Mass production with the Brother GTX - Benefits

  • complete flexibility
  • easy maintenance
  • sharp print quality
  • Price-performance ratio

Further information: 

How to make 7000+ shirts per day?
Easier than ever before:

Pre-Treatment up to
2000 textiles in 8 hours

Increase your production to the maximum, with Schulze's PretreatmakerLINE, which allows you to prepare up to 2,000 shirts in an 8-hour production shift for printing with the Brother GTX - with just one operator.

Short ways,
high volume output

8h280dark shirts1 Brother GTX1 Pretreatmaker1 Heatpress
8h500dark shirts2 Brother GTX1 Pretreatmaker1 Tunneldryer
8h2.000dark shirts8 Brother GTX1 PretreatmakerLINE2 Tunneldryer
8h4.000+dark shirts15+ Brother GTX2 PretreatmakerLINE3 Tunneldryer

Specified values may vary. Equipment used is only a recommendation.

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We deliver the complete package
for your production

Software / Barcode

Automated production from order to the delivery of printed textiles only works with the appropriate support of barcode based systems. Brother developed in collaboration with Brain Industries exactly these programs to optimize your production.

Projector system

Let the print motif project onto the printing plate before you press the Brother GTX Button So you prevent misprints because of incorrect positioning. The projection is positioned exactly over the printed motif on the plate and can be activated by scanning the barcode.

Plate size

A flexible production requires flexible printing plates to react quickly to various textiles and products. Brother supplies the standard 35.5 x 40.5 cm plate and optionally offers additional plates such as Youth, Baby, Sleeve, XL and XXL plates in a print format of up to 40.5 x 53.0 cm.

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